Thank God for Bitcoin Conference

May 16-17, 2023 · Miami Beach, Florida

For pastors, leaders, & finance leaders curious about Bitcoin

Missionaries & agencies wondering how to get money into closed countries

Non profits looking to protect their donations from inflation

A conference for Christians to learn about Bitcoin

Our aspiration for this Christian Bitcoin conference is to provide a supportive and engaging platform for Christians to discover and comprehend the potential of Bitcoin as a tool for fulfilling God’s plan. Our goal is to empower attendees with a thorough understanding of Bitcoin, its significance, and its role in advancing the kingdom of God.

We aim to create an informative atmosphere where attendees can ask questions, engage in meaningful discussions, and explore the intersections of faith and Bitcoin. By the end of the conference, participants will leave equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed decisions and take action towards a better future.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, eager to learn about Bitcoin and how it can help us fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. We are confident that this conference will provide a transformative experience, where attendees will gain new perspectives and connect with like-minded individuals on a mission to honor God through better money.

May 16-17, 2023 Miami Beach, FL

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"If you have ever wondered what God thought about Bitcoin, or whether it was worth your time as a Christian... you need to go to this conference!"

-- 2022 Conference Attendee



Tomer Strolight

Paul Miller

Tim Fox

David Cotrone

Preston Pysh

Jeremy Showalter

Jordan Bush

Robert Breedlove


Day 1

May 16

Bitcoin 101

Our goal for day 1 is to make Bitcoin accessible and understandable for Christians new to the topic.

Speakers and panel discussions will aim at demystifying Bitcoin and look to clearly convey its value, usage, and relevance to the believer.

Topics & Panels

  • Theology of Money
  • History of Money
  • The Cost of Fiat
  • What does Bitcoin solve?
  • Q&A
  • Bitcoin Treasury Allocation
  • Bitcoin Wallets & Transactions


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Our event will run from roughly 9-5pm on May 16 & May 17. We are still finalizing the details for each day.

Originally, Thank God for Bitcoin was just book that was written by Christians to help make sense of Bitcoin from a biblical perspective, but after it received wide spread praise, we decided to turn it into a media company with the goal of educating Christians on the value of Bitcoin & how we might use it for the glory of God & the good of people everywhere.

We will talk about the difference between Bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies, but we believe that Bitcoin is revolutionary, and all other cryptos are just scams. So we will not be promoting or encouraging ownership of anything but Bitcoin.

Yes! We specifically built this event for you. We want this event to be accessible to Christians who are curious about Bitcoin, or even downright don’t like it. We believe Bitcoin is a gift and want to help people understand and see that.

Tell your friends, your pastor, your finance team, your deacons, whoever attends your church or Bible study. We would love to pack out this event!

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thank god for bitcoin conference · Miami 2023

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thank god for bitcoin conference · Miami 2023

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thank god for bitcoin conference · Miami 2023


thank god for bitcoin conference · Miami 2023

Thank God for Bitcoin 2023

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